Monday, October 20, 2014

Feeling the Results of the Nerve Ablation!

Our God is Healer! I am feeling about 70% relief in the severe pain in my sacroiliac joints! Yes, it may be a temporary "fix" in this case, but it doesn't make the evidence of answered prayer any less powerful. Even more amazing is that I felt this relief in a matter of DAYS, not WEEKS (as is typical), and I did NOT feel the post-op pain (past 1 day) that I was told I would experience for up to 4 weeks, which included the "cigarette-like" burns deep in the tissue. One day post-op, I was feeling well enough to take the boys to the small "pumpkin patch" at the FUMC. On Sunday, many could tell by looking at and talking with me that my pain levels were much improved...there was a definite "glow" about me that hadn't been there before. I praise God for working through the hands of these physicians!

What I can still feel is about 30 % of my normal amount of pain directly in the SI joints (which is amazing compared to what it normally is, but still using back braces, EMS units, etc. to help me out along the way), as well as the misalignment of the joints and the shooting pain from the peripheral neuropathy stemming from the SI joints (from the misalignment). Once again, this is nothing compared to my normal pain levels, and the ability to "breathe" from the constant, severe pain is indescribable. When you are constantly in that kind of pain, your mind and body forgets what anything close to "pain-free" feels like. When you experience it again, you can't help but praise God especially for those precious moments, even if they are temporary.

Many have asked if this changes our plans for surgery. Unfortunately, this is a temporary fix. This ablation can last anywhere from 3 months to 1 year, although most patients' nerves start regenerating and their normal pain returning close to 3-5 months. We won't be able to do surgery again until next December because of Rence's work schedule, and we feel at peace with looking into the surgical options at this point. That still doesn't yet guarantee that this will be the path we take, although we are praying that this may be a good step for us, as it seems extremely hopeful through this procedure and surgeon.

The first surgeon's appointment (consult) is on Wednesday, so we will need an extra covering of prayers for that day. Please be in prayer that I can find someone to attend the appointment with me, as well, for support purposes (my mother will be keeping the boys, Rence will be working in AL). Thank you all so much for your prayers through everything! God is working mightily in our lives - may He always be the One lifted high!

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