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3 Yrs. Old: The boys have a favorite show called "Peppa Pig" that we watch a little of everyday. On the show, they call Daddy "Daddy Pig, Mommy "Mommy Pig" and so on. The other day, I was playing with Brayden while Gavin took a nap. I asked him a question and he responded "yes, Mommy Pig". I grinned a mischievous grin and said "are you going to call me 'Mommy Pig' when we go out, too?" He said "yes, Mommy Pig."

3 Yrs. Old: It was during the summer and we were having an evening of intense thunderstorms. Brayden (the outspoken one...) kept talking about the thunder. They surprisingly weren't too afraid of it. As we got tucked into bed, the thunder let up and the storm passed by. Brayden looked at me and very plainly said "thunder off"! I laughed and said, "yes, Brayden, the thunder is off." I love how they think.

3 Yrs. Old: I was trying my best to explain (appropriately) to the boys what a cemetery was as we were passing by one the other day on the road. I explained that when this life is over, which is a long time from now, we will go to be with Jesus if we choose to, but the "shell" to our bodies stays here on earth and sleeps forever. Brayden pointed to the cemetery and yelled "BODIES!" *Palm in face*

2 1/2 Yrs. Old: Brayden calls his brother (Gavin) "Gagin" - I think it's precious. 

2 1/2 Yrs. Old: Brayden has learned a new word - "everywhere" - and used it in a sentence every time he sees more than 1 of something. For instance, if he sees 2 motorcycles on the road, there are "motorcycles evrywhere" (spelling to emphasize pronunciation). He adds hand gestures with it, too, which makes it even better. He takes both hands and throws them up in the air to the side of his body. ;)

2 1/2 Yrs. Old: We are now in the "picky-eating" phase with one of the boys (Brayden). He is now refusing to eat a vast majority of the foods he loved previously. The funniest thing about it is that he stores the food he doesn't like in the side of his mouth (in his cheek) like a hamster. His cheek will puff up FULL of food, mostly things like chicken, beef and pasta/bread. 

2 1/2 Yrs. Old: We are now to that wonderful point where the boys are going potty on their own! We have not mastered this concept throughout the day, however they will go when we set them on the potty, so we are very close to the end of the "potty-training" journey. We have not pushed them at all in this process, and it worked beautifully. I highly recommend waiting until your child is ready. It meant very little stress on us as parents. 

2 1/2 Yrs. Old: The boys get little reward stickers every time they go on the potty, and they get so excited over something so small (I love it!). The cutest thing about it is that they will compare their stickers with one another (show each other and talk about their sticker) after they receive it. I love the way they bond with one another!

2 1/2 Yrs. Old: Both boys are to the "rough", typical "boy" stage. I'm scared of the upcoming medical bills.... ;) They wrestle with one another on the floor, and it is so cute to watch. They giggle like crazy when they are wrestling. One boy will throw his body on top of the other's little body as they lose their breath laughing (they are both terribly ticklish). 

2 1/2 Yrs. Old: Brayden is talking up a storm in sentences! It's very easy to tell what he is saying. He has very expressive facial expressions to accompany what he is saying. 

2 1/2 Yrs. Old: Brayden & Gavin both love to play "doctor", and even more-so when it is in real-life. They get very concerned about friends and family (ex: Mom & Dad) when they have a spot on their body that they think is a "boo-boo", so they kiss it to make it all better. Right after kissing it, Brayden sweetly says (with a concerned expression on his face) "I sowwy Mommy!" (Translation: I sorry Mommy!).

Boys: 27-29 Months (November 2013 - January 2014)

Boys: 23-26 Months (July - October 2013)

Momma on Wheels

My 1st Attempt at Wheelchair Bowling


Brayden was making silly faces for the camera... :)

Photos of me with the chair - Pictures by Danielle Ault

Taken June 19, 2013

22 Months Old (June 13 through July 13, 2013)














21 Months Old (May 13 through June 13, 2013)



Welcome Hannah Kate! (April 27th, 2013, 8:47 PM - 5 lbs, 10 oz)

 20 Months Old (April 13 through May 13, 2013)

19 Months Old (March 13 through April 13, 2013)

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