Resources on Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Heath & Wheelchair Skills

Chronic Illness Ministries:

Rest Ministries
Lisa Copen (Blog) - Author & Founder of Illness Ministry
Enjoying the Ride Ministries
Sufficient Grace Ministry (Calhoun County, Alabama)

Wheelchair & Mobility Products & Inventions:

Free Wheel (turns a typical 4 wheel manual chair into a 3 wheel manual chair - better manuverability)
Free Wheel Rack (rack that is placed over the free wheel & can store 25 lbs)
Powered 3rd Wheel (turns a manual chair into a 3-wheel power chair)

Videos on Wheelchair Skills for Everyday Manuverability:

Basic Skills: "What Next: Wheelchair Skills" (from SCIA - Spinal Cord Injuries Australia)
Doors: How to Open a Manual Door While Using a Wheelchair ("Self Closing Door Opening Outward")
Doors: "Whizz-Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training Video - Moving Through Doors"
Escalators: "How to Wheelchair Up and Down Escalator at Macy's Store NYC"
Climbing Stairs: "Paraplegic Instr #1: How to Climb Stairs in a Wheelchair" (Remember to take off anti-tippers)
Jumping Curbs: "Handling Curbs in a Wheelchair" (Remember to take off anti-tippers)
Wheelies: "Practicing Wheelchair Wheelies" (Remember to take off anti-tippers)
Air Travel: "Wheelchair Travel Tips" (from arrival at airport to destination)

Videos on Wheelchair Fitness & Yoga
"Yoga for Everyone: Intro to Gentle Chair Yoga" (start at 14 minutes for exercises)
"Sittin' in the Gym" (Gym equipment exercises adapted for wheelchair users)
"AMI Adaptive Fitness Moment: Exercising in a Wheelchair"
"AMI Adaptive Fitness Moment: Exercising with a Spinal Cord Injury"
"AMI Adaptive Fitness Moment: Exercising with MS"

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Guidelines

ADA Ramp Specifications
ADA Curb Ramp Specifications
ADA Entrance Specifications
ADA - ALL Specifications
How Accessible is Your Church?

Spinal Health (Any Back Issues):

Spine Health Blog


Chronic Pain Resources:

Institute for Chronic Pain (Blog)
Well Spouse Assocation - Support for spousal caregivers

Disability Resources:

Lisa Copen (Blog) - Author & Founder of Illness Ministry
Invisible Disabilities
Disabled Parents
Joni and Friends International Disability Center
Mobile Women
American Association on Health and Disabilities (AAHD)
Beauty Ability - Celebrating the Beauty in Everyone
Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD)
Wheel:Life - For Friends Who Use Wheelchairs
Disability - Parents with Disabilities
Through the Looking Glass - Serving Families with Disabilities (Parents or Child)
Abilities Expo
JJ's List - Where Businesses and People with Disabilities Meet

Personal Blogs on Fibromyalgia:

The Fibro Frog
Fibro Mama
The Invisible Disease
Fibro and Fabulous
My Foggy Brain
Seeking Equilibrium
Felicia Fibro - Life with Fibromyalgia, Empowered!
Fightin' the Fibro
Faith, Family & Fibro
Life and Fibromyalgia
My Life with Fibromyalgia Pain
Inspired - Living with Fibromyalgia
Mummy Whisperer
But You Don't Look Sick

Personal Blogs from those with paraplegia/quadraplegia, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities:

Little Free Radical - Mother with mitochondrial myopathy
Stylish Gimp - Mother with paraplegia
Wheelchair Mommy - Mother with paraplegia
Wheeler Mom - Mother & Father with osteogenesis imperfecta
Alicia Reagan - Mother and paraplegic
Love Like This - Life, Love, Faith & Disability - Mother who writes of her husband's quadraplegia
Disabled Mom - Mom with spastic cerbral palsy
Alyson Roth - Ms. Wheelchair California 2012, paraplegic
A Wheelchair View - Single lady with disability in which she relies on a wheelchair
Another Step in the Journey, Amy Hauptman - Ms. Wheelchair USA 2012, quadraplegic
Jessica Grono - Mother with athetoid cerbral palsy
Cattails + Cardigans - Young lady with paraplegia
KIT Blog - The Inclusion Potluck - Written by a father who is a paraplegic
ParaPleGic PaReNtinG - Mother with paraplegia
Live Art.fully - Jennifer LeBlanc, mother with ankylosing spondylitis
The Ride, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Syndrome: Empowered to Overcome - Lauren Lee, mother with sacroiliac joint dysfunction syndrome

Personal Chronic Pain Blogs:

Chronic Pain Survivor - Mother with chronic pain (caused by purendal neuralgia)
Cripple-Fabulous - 20 year old lady with chronic pain (caused by osteoarthritis & undifferentiated connective tissue disease)
Shauna's Life in Pain - Lady with chronic pain (caused by spinal issues)
Chronic Pain Journal - Lady with chronic pain
Sick Momma - Mom with chronic pain
The Curvy Spine: Life with Scoliosis
Fighting Fire with Fire - Lady with chronic pain (caused by CRPS); faith-based blogging
Gimpy Gurl's Herbalife Challenge - Lady with cerebral palsy & chronic pain (uses a wheelchair)
Managing MS, by Debbie Petrina - Lady with chronic pain from multiple sclerosis (30-year survivor)
The Chronic Chronicles - 24 year old lady with chronic pain
Chronically Katie - 22 year old wife with severe chronic pain
This is My Journey - Young lady with chronic pain (cause by CMT)
A Cracked Vessel - A lady in her early 40's who deals with chronic pain and many chronic illnesses (also a mother)

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