Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Psalm For a Dark Night"

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Lord, Just today I read
That Paul and Silas were
Stripped and beaten
With wooden whips.
"Again and again the rods
Slashed across their bared backs"
But in their desolate dungeon
Their feet clamped in stocks
They prayed.
They sang.
 They praised.
In the musty midnight of my life
Imprisoned in the dungeon of confusion
Bound by chains of anguish
Help me, please help me
To pray
To sing
To praise
Until the foundation shakes
Until the gates fling open
Until the chains fall off
Until I am free
To share the Good News
With other chain-bound prisoners.
- Ruth Harms Calkin
(Quoted in the book
When Your World Falls Apart - Seeing Past the Pain of the Present
by Dr. David Jeremiah)