Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spinal Surgery Consult

I am so very thankful for a productive visit today with the surgeon in Georgia. I also had a special friend to share it with - thank you, DeeAnn Plopper for allowing me to talk your ear off and cry on your shoulder for 3 straight hours. Thank you for praying for me as you sat just inches away. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you!

After looking at past files and new x-rays, the Dr. feels it is a pretty solid decision to go forward with not only fusion of the sacroiliac (SI) joint, but also an additional portion of the lumbar (for instance: L4/5 or L5/S1). His words when he walked in the room for the first time was "let's get this done". I began to cry from relief.

As for the location of the 2nd fusion, it will become more clear when we get additional CT scans and MRIs. He said it looked like it was in pretty bad shape from the x-rays alone, especially the left SI joint. The left SI joint looked fused already, which puzzled the physician assistant & Dr. as to the cause, although they noted that x-rays can be deceiving. We will be unable to accomplish surgery before the desired goal date (December/Christmas break) due to Blue Cross Blue Shield not covering the SI procedure (I-fuse system). Therefore, we must go through an appeal process, using a company that advocates for the patient and communicates to the insurance provider, and the process takes about 60 days, roughly.

 So we are now looking at something down the lines of Spring Break, which would not give Rence much time to be home with me as I recover (as I will be held in the hospital after surgery for 4-5 days, depending on my progress post-op, in which Rence will be by my side; however, after discharge, it leaves Rence at only a remaining 3 or so days before returning to work due to the completion of his week-long spring break). We will be trusting and relying heavily on secondary help for care of myself and the boys as Rence works throughout the day and unable to take off.  It is the best option at this point. I am not letting the timing of surgery bother me - I am trusting God with it all and very encouraged by today's visit.

God was truly working through everything today. Even my medical records got there. The nurse, PA & Dr. all commented about how organized my personal files were. They loved my documentation of things, and the nurse said I was the first new patient all day (out of 5) that had all of my medical records from other facilities sent to them. Thank you, Father, for working everything out - even the small details. With everything falling into place so beautifully, it was so evident that there was a special covering of prayers over this situation. For those of you who pray over these needs and concerns - please know you make a difference in God's kingdom. That's how God designed it. Keep the prayers coming, as we still have to jump over the wall of insurance coverage for the SI fusion.

With thanks and love,
Beth Anne

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