Monday, June 23, 2014

We Celebrate Our 5th Wedding Anniversary!!!

June 20th, 2014 blissfully marked the 5th anniversary of my & my husband's marriage. This year, I decided to write our 5 things in each category below that I wanted to celebrate about my amazing husband.

5 Things that Have Changed in the Past 5 Years:

1. Growth in Our marriage
2. Growth in our spiritual life as individuals and as a couple
3. 2 additional pairs of feet pitter-pattering (sometimes stomping ;) ) across the floors. And oh, how it fills my heart with joy!
4. I have started using a wheelchair, which changes things slightly, but you have met those changes with a smile and a positive attitude the entire way, even when the situation was challenging.
5. We are now partners in ministry, and 5 years ago, I wouldn't have thought we would be in this place today. I love where God has brought us and how He blesses us through others. Thank you, Rence, for being a supportive husband of a wife who is a ministry leader.

5 Unforgettable Events that You and I Experienced Together Since our Marriage:

1. Honeymoon: we went on a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean Islands with excursions and had a blast!
2. Your graduation for your masters degree (mathematics) & my graduation for my bachelors degree (music education) - both from Jacksonville State University in Alabama.
3. Looking at an ultrasound screen and anxiously waiting to see our 10-week old miracle baby. Well...we got double the blessings, and got to see 2 miracle babies at 10-weeks gestation! :) (No IVF, no fertility meds - ALL prayer, and ALL God!)
4. Buying our first home together (when I was 5 months pregnant with the boys).
5. The birth of our boys at 34 weeks, followed by our month-long journey in the NICU.

5 Things I Absolutely LOVE About You (it's hard to stick to just 5):

1. You do the laundry, dishes, and other chores daily after a long day of work.
2. How you extend grace and mercy to me just as Christ does to us - you forgive my shortcomings.
3. You look past my physical inabilities and see me for who I am inwardly.
4. How you love your wife, first and foremost, and secondly, your children in such a special way. They know they are loved by their father. You are setting such a great example for them, as they will follow your positive and loving example when they become fathers in the future.
5. You support the cause & needs of the Chronic Illness Ministry (Sufficient Grace Ministry). You take care of the boys for meetings and other events and sacrifice your Saturdays so that others who are in need may be reached with the message of God's hope and comfort. Thank you for seeing beyond yourself.

5 Things That You LOVE to do:

1. Make your wife happy
2. Take care of your family
3. Be silly
4. Play games & strategize
5. Be social with people that have similar interests as yours

Rence's Anniversary Gift:

For Rence's anniversary gift this year, I went to the creative side of my brain - Pinterest. ;) I found a cute quote with our last name at the bottom made out of the element abbreviations (periodic table of elements). Rence is a math instructor at the local university and also loves science. I thought this would be perfect for his office. When he saw it, he lit up, then giggled. He loved it! :)


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