Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Stand for LIFE!

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The shooting incident in Connecticut has truly and legitimately rocked our nation once again. I can't imagine what those families are experiencing right now. Many, many prayers go out to those affected.

But I have to admit, something has been very heavy on my heart. I have been so burdened by what I am about to share that it has literally made me sick. As a nation, we are numb to the fact that 4,000 lives are lost... on a daily basis...murdered by their own mothers. Why do we not comprehend that it happens DAILY!?...can I say the statistic again...4,000 daily. It may be legal, but it certainly does not make it right. We should be showing the same outrage about the killing of innocent, defenseless lives as we do about the Connecticut shooting incident.
Again, I'm not downplaying what the people in Connecticut and the nation are going through. I'm simply trying to open eyes to what is happening consistently on a daily basis, yet we are silent. Please stand for LIFE! In regards to the shooting, so many have exclaimed in the last few days, "we need to get on our knees as a nation!" Agreed! But let's take it a step further. If we haven't been on our knees, why are we expecting results? Are we praying for the right thing? So many will pray for protection over their children, yet they don't care about thousands of lives being ripped away in an act of selfishness. Pray for mothers to choose life for those precious babes that have been knitted in their womb by the hands of a mighty God. Pray for the mothers that have chosen abortion. They need eternal healing from a forgiving and loving Redeemer. I pray that testimonies will pour out of those women...testimonies to shed light on the terrible experience and the aftermath. And my last request...don't be silent in standing for LIFE.


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