Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Sweet Surprise

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I am nearly speechless at God's provision once again...the way my Savior loves to surprise Rence and myself with his provision through the most surprising of ways and the most unexpected of times.

We found out a few weeks ago that my Medicare from Social Security doesn't cover hardly anything due to us having Peehip (primary insurance - Medicare always pays secondary), and it took $104 out of my disability check every month (for paying out nothing). So we are in the process of cancelling that.

Because of the Medicare cancellation, we are now going to be paying the "leftover" fees from surgery. I was told by someone from insurance that would be $150 for this type of surgery and an overnight stay (at this location). Then I get a call from the doctor's office, and they informed me I would be owing at least $729 at our pre-op visit, not to mention the other fees that come about after surgery from things like anesthesia, operative EMGs, equipment fees and so forth that will be billed to us later. (By the way, none of this was their fault - the representative from insurance I spoke to was incorrect.) We will also need to be traveling down there 3 times before surgery, as well as stay overnight in a hotel the night before surgery (pre-op, pre-admission & additional testing is the day before).

We haven't told anyone any of this information except for my parents. This morning, I had one person tell me they were going to get us a gift card to Effina's for after surgery (woohoo!), a Sunday School Class from FBC Oxford​ gave us a collaborative amount toward whatever we need during this time, and when I got home from church this morning, I was unloading my bag and discovered another financial provision that was completely unexpected.

Have I not told you how faithful my God is?! He NEVER fails. He is ALWAYS on time (according to His calendar...not mine). God, you have ALL the glory for today! And to these precious people that are the hands and feet of Christ, time after time - may you be tremendously blessed for giving in our time of need! We can't thank you enough. This church, FBC Oxford, a church that is truly running after God's desires, striving to be the model of Christ that is modeled for us in the New Testament. I praise God for all of you!

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