Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jehovah Sabaoth, My Protector!

March 18th, 2014

I posted this on my Facebook a few weeks ago and had to share. I can't help but revel in the beauty of God's never-ending protection over His children!


God truly had a hedge of protection over myself and the boys today as we played outside in the backyard this evening. A large, heavy branch broke off a tree and landed just 3 feet away from both the boys and I (after I pulled one further away, too). Even more of a blessing - the boys were running under the direct path where the branch landed. I hugged the boys and cried out loud "Praise You, God! 
Praise You! Thank You for protecting my boys!"

Every moment we have breath deserves God's praise, but moments when we realize God's hedge of protection over us should be especially deserving of our cries of praise!

He is my Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts and our Protector!

Psalm 46:7
The LORD of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our stronghold.

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