Saturday, February 23, 2013

Slacking or Serving?

"Our intentions are the product of sincerely seeking His will with an undivided heart. There is nothing practically worthwhile about [good intentions] until they are carried out. Perhaps they honor God in spirit, but who will see His honor if they are buried deep within? The vision that Gad has given His servants, the works He has called them to, the glory He wants them to reflect - all begin in the heart, but they do not end there. They end by moving us into action. We become His children by faith, but we become His servants by work. Good, godly intentions are meant to be lived, not dream of."
- From Walk with God, "Better Intentions"
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James 2:17 - Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.
Are you serving the Lord in your church, community, and world? Are you doing His service out of love to your Savior (with a good attitude), or are you doing it to impress others or check it off your "to-do" list? God may or may not be calling you to serve in Asia, Africa or South America...God may or may not be calling you to serve in your local soup kitchen, food pantry, rescue center, or pregnancy center...and God may or may not be calling you to serve in the church nursery, small group class, or music ministry - only you know what He has placed on your heart in regards to where you are called to serve. But God will be calling you to serve in some capacity, and most of the time, it is not convenient. I have found, however, that once our hands are working for His glory (notice I didn't say "for our own glory"), we love what we are doing and for Whom we are working for. If you are not serving, pray about where the Lord might have you serve. God did not call us to simply sit in church and warm the pews. I've seriously never been so blessed in my life as when I began serving others for my Lord's glory. With a solemn heart, I can say that I see way too many that claim to be "Christ followers" that never lift a finger...a true follower of Christ will have an unquenchable desire to do all he or she is able for the benefit of God's kingdom.

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